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Choosing a nursery is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent and it can be difficult to know where to start- to help you with your decision you can request our booklet “Choosing the right childcare for you and your child’ which points out the main things to be looking for.

Southwell’s longest established private nursery

We offer a safe, welcoming, secure nursery offering a family-home from home environment where children are loved and cared for by people who are passionate about childcare and devoted to the safety, care and learning of each child.

Meet the Management Team

Our Fees

Day nursery fees can often be very confusing; there are so many options for sessions and days. We have listed the basics here but as an independent family nursery we understand that sometimes flexibility is required. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and see if we can accommodate your needs.

We don’t insist but do recommend a minimum of two nursery sessions per week to enable good attachments for the children. We also ask for four week’s notice to reduce/cancel your child’s place.

Morning session 7.30-12.30


Afternoon  session1-6pm


Short day 9.15-3.15


Full day 7.30-6pm


Full time 5 x Full day ( 10% discount)



All children become eligible for 15 hours of Nursery Education Grant from the term after their third birthday. Some children may be eligible for the extended funding and therefore access 30 funded hours.

Some children are eligible for 15 hours at 2 years old.  For eligibility please check your childcare choices here. In order to aid greater choice and meet the needs of families all funded sessions at The Children’s House Day Nursery can be taken over 38 or 52 weeks.

To check your child’s eligibility you can read more here about on the HM Government website about  funded sessions for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

The table below shows a variety of funding options but is not exhaustive.  We will try and accommodate your needs so please contact us here or on 01636 378060 for a chat about how we can meet your needs.

For children accessing Early Years Funding

Where a charge is made it is either for hours that are not covered by funding and/or a consumable charge – to cover snacks/meals and other consumables such as but not limited to; French, trips, resources etc.

Morning 3hrs 9.00 -12.00pm using 3 funded hours £3.00
Morning 3hrs 7.30-12.30pm using 2 funded hours £27.00
Afternoon 3hrs 12.15-3.15pm using 3 funded hours £3.00
Afternoon 3hrs 12.15-3.15pm using 2 funded hours £27.00
Morning 5hrs 7.30-12.30pm using 5 free hours £13.40
Morning 5hrs 7.30-12.30pm using 4 funded hours (9-1) £17.90
Morning 5hrs 7.30-12.30pm using 3 funded hours (9-12) £22.50
Morning 5hrs 7.30-12.30pm using 2 funded hours (9-11)  £27.40
Afternoon 5hrs 1.00-6pm using 5 funded hours (9-2) £13.40
Afternoon 5hrs 1.00-6pm using 4 funded hours (9-1) £17.90
Afternoon 5hrs 1.00-6pm using 3 funded hours (9-12) £22.50
Afternoon 5hrs 1.00-6pm using 2 funded hours (9-11) £27.40
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 2 funded hours 9-11 £52.00
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 3 funded hours 9-12 £47.50
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 4 funded hours 9-1 £42.90
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 5 funded hours 9-2 £38.40
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 6 funded hours 9-3 £33.90
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 7 funded hours 9-4 £29.30
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 8 funded hours 9-5 £24.80
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 9 funded hours 9-6 £20.25
Full day 7.30-6.00pm using 10 funded hours 8-6 £15.50
Short Funded day 9.15-3.15 using 2 funded hours £38.80
Short Funded day 9.15-3.15 using 3 funded hours £34.30
Short Funded day 9.15-3.15 using 4 funded hours £29.70
Short Funded day 9.15-3.15 using 5 funded hours £25.20
Short Funded day 9.15-3.15 using 6 funded hours £10.00
Funded Breakfast club session 7.30-9.00 using 1.5 funded hours £4.00
Funded After school session 3.30-6.00 using 2.5 funded hours £4.00

Breakfast club


After school club



Holiday club Full day


Holiday club morning /afternoon


Holiday Club short day



Depending on attendance patterns, children may take part in inclusive extra curricular activities such as French and some trips.  However, some activities have additional charges, e.g. cinema trips.

Additional hours£8.00
Lunch charge£3.50
Late collection (per 15 min intervals) £10.00

A 10% sibling discount is applied where both children attend for three full days or more.  This does not apply once a sibling receives funding.

There is a discretionary charge for persistent late collection of £10 per 15 mins charged in 15 mins intervals.

We cater for special diets but nappies need to be provided.

A limited number of term-time only places are offered (reservation fees apply for holiday period). Please ask for details and availability.

As an independent family nursery we understand that sometimes flexibility is required.  Please contact us on 01636 378130 for an informal chat about how we can meet your childcare needs.

This blog post by Karen O’Connell, owner of The Children’s House Nursery also provides further information on funded nursery fees. 

Nursery Meals

At Children’s House Nursery in Southwell our nursery meals are cooked using a variety of healthy ingredients, some of which are home grown in our very own onsite allotment.

It is important that as well as offering healthy nutritious meals we also nurture children’s understanding and learning on this subject.

We have a 3 week rotating menu, changed regularly to include seasonal produce and variation and to keep our younger generation’s taste buds active and open to new tastes and textures.  Special days including Shrove Tuesday, Christmas Lunch and Chinese New Year are also incorporated into our nursery menus.

Children are encouraged to try new foods and widen their knowledge and tastes. Older children are given the opportunity to select and serve their own food and water, as well as use skills to set the table. We always have helping hands to help set up and clear away, encouraging many areas of learning, including independence and getting children ‘school ready’.


We are exceptionally lucky to have an amazing cook, Donalyn, who ensures the children eat delicious, healthy and nutritious meals every day.

Meal Times

Mealtimes are a social occasion and an opportunity for children and staff to interact within our family environment.

Fresh Fruit & Water

A fruit bowl is kept in each room and fresh water is available at all times.

Weaning Program
Babies’ home feeding routines are continued in the nursery and we work alongside parents to introduce a successful weaning program.